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Dry Needling

Needling triggers a circulatory and neurological healing immune response to specific sites.  This response enhances neurological control over areas to decrease pain and increase function.



Cupping helps remove the debris of damaged cells and inflammatory chemicals while promoting fresh blood flow to the soft tissues.


Chiropractic Physiotherapy

From initial injury back to competition, therapeutic exercises should progress as you progress.  The goal is to be stronger than you were before injury!


What Our Patients Think

Bret is simply the best! I would be lost without him and his super powers to heal me. I’m constantly breaking myself (don’t judge) and he’s always there to fix me up with more than just the average chiropractic experience. He goes above and beyond! My most recent injury was spraining both of my ankles and he had me up & walking by the next day and programmed me my very own physical rehabilitation with modifications to my workouts! 10/10 would recommend! P.S. he has really awesome socks.(not pictured - just him being dorky and cool)

Jessi Carlson

Bret does much more than relieve symptoms, he will find the cause of your issue and teach you how to cure it. Few chiropractors I’ve seen have the knowledge of healthy movement Bret does, and fewer will spend the time he does to identify the root of symptoms and customize a recovery plan beyond routine adjustments. He diagnosed my years’ long struggle with running pain in one session and helped me reprogram my stride to stay healthy running 2000+ miles per year.

Jim Swoboda

I have had back issues for years, at times unable to walk or move. Started seeing Bret 2 years ago at one of those times. After a few weeks, between dry needling, massage therapy,stretching ,and preventative maintenance visits, he got me going again with fewer and less severe episodes. Bret sincerely cares about his patients and their health. I highly recommend visiting him!!

Tim Meehan

Office Hours

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Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday

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About Dr. Bret

Having been a competitive athlete in multiple sports my whole life, I have always had a love of human movement and what our amazing bodies are capable of.  Earning a bachelor's in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2015 was a natural progression of my interests that I continue to build on as I have also earned certification in Integrative Dry Needling in 2018 with a focus on pain management and sports rehabilitation.  

What to expect

You are a unique individual with your own set of life challenges and health goals.  Therefore, an individual approach to healing must be taken.  This is not a cookie-cutter approach and you will not be signing up for the same old treatment plans, nor will you be asked to pay for half of your treatments upfront in exchange for a cash discount.  On day ONE, we will go over a handful of orthopedic testing, muscle testing, and movement analysis followed by your first treatment based on the results.  Your treatments will change as your condition changes to prevent plateaus in your progress.

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20920 California Cir STE A600
Elkhorn NE 68022


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